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Hot Water Servicing

Trust your Rinnai hot water system to the experts

Rinnai Hot Water Service Perth

Hot Water System Infinty 26If your hot water system has let you down or is in need of a service go direct to the Rinnai Perth service team at Greenstar Hot Water. We can service and repair all models of Rinnai Hot Water systems. We work with the manufacturers to provide you with a fast and reliable service.

No Hot Water

We have Rinnai trained and licensed technicians covering all areas in fully stocked service vehicles to get you back up and running in no time. In most cases we will have the required parts for most Rinnai gas hot water systems on board to carry out your repair quickly and efficiently. We can repair your gas hot water system Perth, we can repair your Rinnai hot water system, we can service your Rinnai hot water system and we also can repair your portable gas heater.

Need A Service

Want to know what goes on when we service your hot water system, well this is some of what we do:

  • Isolate appliance
  • Inspect heat exchanger and combustion chamber
  • Remove and check burner and manifold assembly
  • Check all water controls and heat sensors
  • Remove and clear filters
  • Reassemble burner system
  • Check ignition system and gas control
  • Perform function test
  • Return system to normal operating mode

Our Guarantee to you

As representatives of the manufacturer we guarantee to only use genuine spare parts and accessories in your appliance. We will identify the problems and discuss any requirements with you prior to carrying out any repairs on your hot water system or gas heater.

As we are confident in our system we will warrant any repair we undertake for a 6 month period.


Hot Water Systems

  • Hotflo 10
  • Infinity 16
  • Infinity 20
  • Infinity 26
  • Infinity 26i
  • Infinity 32
  • Enviro 26
  • Enviro 32
  • 26 Smartstart


  • Electric Storage
  • Gas Storage


  • Prestige Range
  • Sunmaster Range

Heater Servicing

Feeling the cold?

Trust the Rinnai service team to keep you warm this winter!

Have you had your gas heater serviced recently?

Is your heater looking a bit tired or not producing as much heat as it used to be?

Heater Energysaver 559FTRegular servicing of your heating appliance or system will save you money on both fuel and repair costs.

We know that Perth has a mild winter but for those cold spells its good to be prepared and ensure your heating system is working safely.

At Greenstar we service and repair all models of Rinnai heating appliances and carry out safety checks to make sure that you are getting the most out of your heater.

Rinnai appliances have been around a long time and there are still many parts available for even the oldest heaters.

When we service your gas heater, we do a complete overhaul as required by the manufacturer and check all safety systems and components to ensure your heater is working safely and effectively.

We will discuss any repairs or parts that are required prior to carrying out any work on your heater.

Your heater will then be reassembled and tested to ensure it is working correctly.


Convector Heaters

  • Enduro 13
  • Dynamo 15
  • Avenger 25
  • Avenger 25 plus
  • Capella 18 plus

Radiant Heaters

  • Titan 151
  • Granada 252
  • Cosy glow 650
  • Econoheat 850

Gas Log Fires

  • 752
  • Slimfire
  • Sapphire
  • Symmetry
  • Royale ETR

Gas Flued Heaters

  • Ultima II
  • Spectrum
  • 2001


  • 309FT
  • 559FT
  • 561FT
  • 1004FTR

Commercial Customers

Commercial Service and Maintenance

 Commercial Manifold Pack MP10At Green Star we know how important it is to have reliable hot water and heating systems to ensure your business operations are unaffected by an unexpected loss of service.

Poorly maintained systems can create substantial costs both in damage repairs and poor efficiency having a costly effect on your fuel bills.

We offer a number of options with regard to servicing and maintenance of your hot water and heating systems and associated plant.

From straightforward maintenance on demand, to a fully managed maintenance program, we can offer you a superior level of service backed up with emergency response and extensive range of spare parts and accessories.

Whether you have individual hot water units or a large centralized bank system we will be able to assist you with your service needs.

Some of the systems we cover are:

  • Individual hot water systems
  • Multi systems on manifolds
  • Storage bulk systems with tank and manifold combinations
  • Ultra violet sterilization
  • Warm water management/Temperature certified systems
  • Pump and circulation systems
  • Heat Exchanger systems linked to heating/process systems

Maintenance options

There are a number of maintenance options available to maximize the efficiency and reliability of your system. These include:

  • Individual service requests - These are booked by the customer as required as a general service or a maintenance call when needed.
  • Performance Inspection - This is an appliance/system inspection, which checks the general condition and efficiency of an appliance or system.
  • Programmed Maintenance Service - A complete overhaul of the appliance and system including a removal and maintenance of all major components, testing of safety devices and electronic analysis of efficiency to ensure your system is running at optimum performance. All managed and arranged by us so you never need to worry about missing a service.



  • HD200E
  • HD200i
  • HD250E
  • Manifold Pack
  • Demand Duo
  • HEX 250
  • Solar Pre-heat systems
  • Warm water valve